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Hi, I’m Erlank Pienaar.

Welcome to my domain. Excuse the pun, intended.

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This site explores the cause-and-effect thinking that results in our experienced reality. The eventual aim is to create a resource that will assist in enhancing our ability to own our agency, as aware individuals, and to meaningfully improve our lived experience as a collective.

It is my aim to journey deeply into the sense making that leads to the reality that present in our world, and our personal lives. It is fascinating to experience the outcomes of our collective reasoning and the effect thereof on our lives directly and indirectly.

To have a better understanding of this process, and how it eventuates, will lead us to identifying where we can open up a dialogue to explore alternate ways of existing harmoniously with each other and the natural world.

Since 2017 I have dedicated most of my time to self-analysis and investigating the broader data streams of our current zeitgeist, mostly through books, lectures, articles and other media, i.e., podcasts and videos.

The amount of knowledge available to us is staggering and for a reading nerd like myself, a very enticing experience. If only more resources, time and energy were available for full-time dedication to such endeavours. Dreams eventuate.

My curiosity leads me to explore far-and-wide and to connect all kinds of concepts together for better understanding of myself, my fellow humans and this pale blue dot we call home.

The experience of living, at first bewildering, then a kind of agony, as we find our way in the wilderness of family, culture, country, race, sex, religion, zip code, etc. We internalise and survive as best we can. In the process, we get mangled, physically, psychologically, existentially.

Don’t teach a dog to be a dog, and then expect it not to be a dog. Unlearning needs time, new perspective, forgiveness of self and other, and accepting yourself as deserving of giving and receiving love, for it’s own sake.

You become and reflect to the world your being, based on environment and circumstance. They set you on fire, then expect you to not burn.

Finding peace with ourselves means first gathering the pieces, through isolated introspection, and reconstructing our identity based on our deep-self template, healing the fragmented traumatised ego, and finally approaching the world with curiosity, and not the default of distrustful anger.

As I am not a trained academic, I follow an autodidactic process and use materials from the myriad pre-qualified authors and scholars available to our perusal, that write and opine in the public space.

All errors of comprehension, interpretation, and or misrepresentation are my own, and I am happy to be corrected by the authors of said materials as needed and appropriate. I hope such occurrences will lead to new friendships and a more robust and ever-growing body of work.

Going There, Knowing There

How we decide to interpret what came before, and the eventual future that unfolds, depends on how we act, here, now, together. Always has, always will. Simple, not easy. We have agency, however we are reluctant to take full responsibility for it.

Outcomes are steppingstones. Similarly, continuous attempts and failure lead to eventual success, which is a temporary marker, the foot of the next mountain. Never ending. Now.

We are on a journey, exploring life and perceived reality, which is not what it seems. How can there be an absolute ‘answer’ to anything. Awe at life, that it exists, that we are reasoning thinking beings, in a Universe waiting to be explored, that is The Miracle.

How can we not be excited? How can we not realise how sacred life is? How can we not, after hundreds of thousands of years of awareness, self-awareness, evolutionary becoming, trial and error, not understand that harmonious cooperation conquers all? And will allow us to journey to and explore the stars, our destiny. Perhaps. If we gain perspective. In time.

The natural diversity of talents and ability that present in humanity, when nurtured and cultivated, will leverage the collective into initiating an environment of harmonious interaction. All succeed or none succeed. Through open cooperation, we will incrementally address and solve the systemic challenges facing humanity at present.

This will be an ongoing reciprocal interaction with all stakeholders, not with a political bent, but with genuine inter-nation and inter-cultural exchanges. A universally inclusive and optimal outcome road-map that culminates in the ‘win and let win’ credo that is the destiny of collective humanity.

Future, Present, Past, ‘Is Now’

The understanding and logical conclusion of reaching such a cooperative mindset will stem from the fact that encouraging diversity and global inclusion is self-evident. This is part of the natural psychological maturing of the collective human race. The end-days have arrived for the obsolete, dysfunctional and exhausted, politically divisive, egoic agendas of the past.

There is a new excitement building, despite the calamities we are facing at present. When has it not been so? Have we not been learning and adjusting, iterating, going again, and yet again? We are facing challenges we can only solve through universal cooperation.

Younger generations are ready to reject the incumbent systems and expectations hoisted on them by previous generations and dated ideologies. To paraphrase Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, what got us here, will not get us there.

Change and uncertainty is inevitable. Courage dictates that new cooperative solutions are the only answer. Our collective shared commonalities are far greater than the divisive scarcity and control mindsets that got us to this junction in human history.

Content created on this site will be speculative non-fiction, unless otherwise stated. This is a space for creative thinking and questioning, through writing about subjects that resonate for me personally. I am questioning. Even when I am stating, I am questioning.

Thought experiments lead to insight and enlightenment. I am very aware of my shortcomings and failings as a human. Luckily, to some degree or another, that is universal for all humans, as I understand it.

The aim is incremental and steadfast attempts at furthering the attainment of universal social equilibrium and harmony. Whatever that means for you. Very serious business. In other words. 😉

Excited yet? Let’s do this!

Thank you for your interest. If you’d like to connect, I’m on Twitter.