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🗞 Newsletter

The journey will be shared between two aspects.

Long-form articles on erlank|pienaar : this website, as they are released. Book reviews, additional topic introductions.

Twice monthly editions of [what came before] : the newsletter, released every second Wednesday, with curated articles and links from around the web that has a bearing on our discussion.

Additional directions and interests announced through both platforms.

This is a new undertaking for me and will grow over time as I am able to add more attention and resources to it. In that sense it will be a marathon and not a sprint, we are aiming for longevity not popularity. Our philosophy — “done is better than good,” and “publish, not perfection.”

The long term goal is for better understanding of ourselves and the path we are on, as a collective. Why are things the way they are? Do we feel the state of affairs is, inevitable? How do we contribute to a better outcome for all humanity?

If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?

John Lewis