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Self Realisation Through Self Knowledge

Life falls apart. We are not sure how exactly. There is a realisation that: We Stand In Our Own Way.

We have distanced ourselves from all that was within the causal sphere relationship wise. Solitude. Me, My and I.

With a first principal approach, looking at every aspect of what we are: Start Again.

This post is a High-level Self Exploration, cum Curiosity Quest, cum Life Mission.

There is a compelling drive to gain first principle understanding, without judgement, of self and world, in order to know how we create our present reality by being mind captured in the layers of abstraction we call civilization.

Concepts and ideas that interest me and form the basis of what this blog will explore.

Each sub-heading is a topic that will be further expanded on in subsequent posts.

Learning to live better by questioning what we do and why we do it.

It’s not about being absolutely right; it’s about constant course correction towards the ideal life. Ideal does not mean optimising for happiness, but for contentment and ongoing engagement with living itself.

Through self reflection, adjusting beliefs, bias awareness, making the unconscious conscious, clarifying purpose and enhancing meaning.

Discovering who I am and who I am becoming, while dealing with frustrating but human imperfections.

Going through the reading, some aspects of what is reasoned with will repeat. This is deliberate and to be engaged with. The ideas need to find multiple anchor-points to embed in the conscious and unconscious awareness.

Thank you for being here.

Expected outcomes; developing a framework of inquiry from which to recover from life’s inevitable breakdowns, not repeating the same destructive patterns, moving from ego-based to self-based living, negating addictions by removing root causes through deep self awareness, living in truth, self love and excitement to re-engage in life and relationship with world and other.

That Which Nourishes Me, Destroys Me

In the beginning, it is you and your caregivers. Wherever and whoever they are, however they are.

For better or worse, you are imprinted with their psychological software and affected epigenetically by physically and mentally adapting to your environment. The only goal. Survival. From there, you are let into the world.

Whatever nourished you, or not, into your subconscious goes the coping mechanisms that will allow you to survive. Life finds a way. Good, bad or ugly.

Your own unique physiology and innate possibilities are allowed to develop or are suppressed, depending on when and where you are born. So random, so specific.

You will be oblivious to this until such a time that you collide with the results of your decision making. Usually painful and destructive. A wake-up call.

Be that as it may, we are here and as such it is up to us to keep digging in our psyche to unearth the motivations that drive us to act as we do, sometimes in direct opposition to what we know in our hearts to be right.

Because we are afraid, because we need to conform to be accepted, because we are struggling to survive, because political drama distracts us, and mindless entertainments are put forth to soothe our disturbed psychology to avoid thinking too deeply about what and how we are lead to live.

Again, it is not to judge, we are human, we are frail and need support and love to keep going. We take it where we can get it. Life is hard, even if it is easier than ever in human history to ‘survive’.

Now however, that a lot of us, not all by any means, have the time to strive for social status and the picture perfect consumer existence, we are losing touch with our humanity, and the miracle of nature that sustains life itself, is treated like a limitless resource for casual commercial exploitation.

The Possible World

Why can’t we have an inclusive and collaborative existence that supports all humans and all nature?

What existential fear still needs to be assuaged before we realise we are all equal and can only achieve abundance and opportunity for all, through collective collaboration, instead of dominance and exploitation?

We are imperfect beings, yearning towards life, on a perilous journey ending in death. Discovering meaning and purpose means leaving no path un-taken. Accepting this realisation, we come to understand that the journey towards a better world can only be achieved by becoming our true selves. Unless you are of a mind to agree that we can better collaborate to create a more harmonious existence for all, this specific path may not be for you. Curiosity leads us, not judgement.

I sincerely believe that humans are the privileged, however currently unaware, stewards of life. We have a deep responsibility to recognise the role we are playing in effecting the collective potential of all life.

I also believe that we have not come remotely close to realising the miracle that life actually represents and what that realisation will ultimately enable us to become.

We are blind to our potential, while lost in survival mode. Actualisation is a collective exercise, not an individual one.

First, the individual has to self realise, then the collective can actualise. Infinite collaborative abundance versus finite individual exploitation.

We are still on that journey towards realisation. It seems abstract, but in fact, it is the only constant I can identify that unites our lived experience.

At some point, we catch ourselves and stop. A thing happens. We reveal a Self as opposed an Ego. Self Awareness. Contemplation. Self Realisation.

Questions arise. Perspective change. Becoming ensue.

What Came Before

A.k.a. Learning to live. All living is responding to the environment we find ourselves in. Our capacity to notice, or attend to, the focus of our attention, that culminates in our lived experience.

Many mysteries remain as to the exact processes that govern our existence. Consciousness. Origin of matter. Electricity. Life. Etc. You don’t know what you don’t know. Our absolutism gets annihilated in the face of infinity.

The ability to discern, from moment to moment, that which enables our continued survival, is what allows us to act on our environment in such a way as to create a space in which we can exist.

The only certainty, mystery, the only fact, uncertainty. All we know is resultant from what came before. An experience had, a learning results, codified in memory, lesson learned. Survival.

From the very beginning to the present moment. Individually, collectively, we explored the environment, learned by trial and error what promotes living and what does not.

Every path is different, each as unique as the individual being that you are. It is said, when you die, you take nothing with you.

In every sense this is true, besides perhaps the wisdom you might have gained from your existence here on earth. That may be the only thing that carries over to what comes after.

Your life experience and what you did with it.

The formless but vital result of your existence, written on the foundational record of the energy field that comprises all reality. That is the only thing unique to you.

That is fundamentally what your life represented. Not what you owned or your position in life.

  • How did your past shape who you became?
  • To what extent are you still affected by and embedded in that narrative?
  • Is your success or failure to conform to societal and relational norms also your foundational identity?
  • How much have you learned from What Came Before, and have you differentiated your Ego from your Self?
  • Is your knowledge all data and information, or have you synthesised resultant wisdom?
  • Are you lost in the narrative trap set for you by your culture and birth environment that forces you to live a life chasing empty status at the cost of losing your soul?
  • Does your life feel meaningless and invented to appease others, to assure your social position and secure access to emotional and material support?
  • Do you actually like your-self or merely tolerate your-self?

Don’t live in the past, learn from the past, then RELEASE the past.

Forgive your mistakes, but do not excuse them. Regret means you have a conscience, and you have lived, however inadequately.

First you try and then you continue. Learn the lesson. Understand the motivation. Make conscious the unconscious drivers of your decisions and actions.

The realisation is the starting point. The blue pill leads to bypassing and oblivion, the red pill leads to discomfort and growth.

Once you know, there is no going back.

We all die. It’s how you choose to live once you realise the task that creates the deep meaning, the life task you came to fulfill. Know the past, deeply accept it. Only then is it yours to change presently.

Do not renege, do not deny. Own. Your past is the measure of the task life has set you to overcome.

The obstacle is the way.

Quo Vadis; Where Are You Going?

You are born. Then you die. Guaranteed. In the meantime you live. How you live is at first not decided by you. Who you initially are is about where you accidentally start.

When asking, where are you going? It is imperative to consider who you are.

Who you are BEING is why you are going there. What got you here, will not get you there.

Which is to say, once you realise, that you are a dynamic process and can influence yourself into a better, more optimal life, the task is to deeply examine your results and motivations.

Who you are is invisible to you, at first. Looking at your life you feel you wanted different outcomes, but however you twist and turn, jump to the greener grass on the other side, somehow the results end up the same.

Your context shapes your actions. At first, we are blind to ourselves, our ego forms in response to our environment. You are a reaction.

Gradually some individuation takes place, but mostly it’s direct mimesis, copying conscious and subconscious behaviour of caregivers and conforming to environmental stimulation to survive physically.

As time passes, questions arise. Conflicting needs, exposure to alternative viewpoints, peer pressure, natural curiosity, puberty, life events, all compound to create awareness of alternative ways of being.


Mostly you conform to what culture and society dictates, and your family espouses. Sometimes things break. A devastating event shatters your life.

Suddenly, YOU are in unknown territory and might experience such a psychological breakdown that your worldview and self-image are destructively disrupted.

When who you are BEING is slowly destroying your life, your true self will awaken you to question the path you are on. Whatever it takes.

The tougher you are, the harder you fall. Learn to bend, or reality will break you badly.

You are to realise your own path, not blindly follow the path you were set on. You can only choose your path once you have full self awareness and deep inner understanding.

You can bend reality around your avoidant behaviour up to a point, then, either you wake up and uncover your true self, or you continue to live in denial and court eventual physical annihilation.

The soul is full of love, but implacable. Your task is to live according to your path. Not to conform to society to assuage your ego.

The ego is the emissary; the self is the master.

Dark Night of the Soul

First you are made. Then you are broken. Then your life can begin.

From the deep shadow, your soul reaches out and touches your existence, first tentatively, a touch or a hint, to change direction, try something new, notice an unsavoury habit or behaviour, act on your conscience.

You are confused, you feel the impulse but are not sure how to proceed.

Synchronicity, disaster, accident, health scare, wrong place wrong time, or simply bad luck. The path your are on intersects with an event that destroys your ability to control your destiny directly.

Fate or karma intervenes in your life and forces you to your knees.

This event is deeply personal and individual to each who experience it. The existential trauma that accompanies a dark night of the soul takes our breath away and leaves us terrorised and deeply vulnerable.

Once we are brave enough, and scared enough, to start examining the causes and behaviours that lead to our breakdown, we can begin unravel the threads that formed us.

During this process, you may lose the very foundation of who you are, your whole life may fall apart.

The layers of your identity unravel one by one and masks that were put in place to conform to the reality you learned to survive, starts falling away, you stand alone. The ego becoming aware of itself, perhaps for the first time.

Is this really me?

We are One, We are Not The Same

The most difficult thing to understand in this world, is who you are.

It sounds ludicrous, even idiotic, but it is said that a person will do anything to avoid sitting alone in a room with only their own thoughts for company.

Which is to say, when you start staring into the abyss, the abyss will also stare into you. Lay your ego bare, expose your addictions and impulses. The hidden motivation, the envy, the anger and suppressed rage.

The thin layer of civilization painted over our base desire starts to peel back and reveal the vulnerable self serving ego that will do anything to survive and be accepted by the group.

We are desperate to conform and willing to disown our very soul to do so.

This is normal. We are tribal, we are enmeshed and interdependent; we are copies of what is represented to us as normal. But. It does not mean it is right, it does not mean that is how it is supposed to be.

We can blame the past and disown our responsibility and keep the status quo going, limping along.

Causing division and distrust that leads to war and instability, inequality and exploitation. More of the same. It’s human nature right? We’re just like that, right?

No. From our collective action, we are children still. Not mature humans. We have a-ways to go.

Our differences are our strengths. Our differences are to be celebrated and respected, not feared and suppressed.

Each life is precious. Each life is all life. No two the same, all The One.

In Our Image

The individual makes the whole. It is very difficult to wrap our head around that fact, initially.

It is a deep bias embedded in our language and understanding, the way we perceive reality and our place in it.

The world that presents is resultant from our collective action. Our collective action is nothing but a myriad of individual actions performed moment to moment by each individual acting in the world. It is elementary, and it is deeply confronting. We are responsible.

You and I, all of us, are making the world what it is. That is the fact and the folly of human existence.

We can not accept, and with empathy, deeply understand how our individual actions add up to result in the flawed civilization we surround ourselves with, to the detriment of all life and our own collective restricted potential.

When the question arises as to why bad things happen to good people, that is why. The earth is all for everyone, what happens to one happens to all.

Directly or indirectly, instantly or delayed, our collective actions affect each individual. Not always immediately apparent and obvious, still a fact.

Our default approach to solving our problems are to declare how this or that has to change immediately, how it is ‘their’ fault and ‘they’ need to be punished and put to task.

Making the other wrong. Being self-righteous and judgemental. All their fault, those people. Them.

The fault is not outside of us. The world is perfect, even the construct, or civilization, is perfect.

What is the matter with the world emanates out of the hearts of all of us who make the world as it is.

In other words—what is actually in our hearts—the fears and insecurities about ourselves and others, manifests in the reality we collectively experience.

In this way, whatever we want changed in the world will only really change once we change who we are deep inside ourselves as collective humanity.

You can not change ‘the world’, you can only change yourself, ‘by BEING the change you want to see in the world’, as Ghandi knew in his heart of hearts.

Simple to Complex

We have collectively paid blood, sweat and tears, incredible struggle and suffering to arrive where we are.

We have done, and are doing, terrible things to each other, and behave in questionable, immoral ways.

War, colonisation, environmental destruction and exploitation of the vulnerable.

Somehow always justified. Allowed.

Our collective task has been to establish control over the environment to facilitate a secure and optimal arena from which to take part in living.

The adaptability and collaborative aspect of human nature has placed us at the pinnacle of all life forms in the current epoch on earth.

The challenges we face today result from the over-corrective actions of our response to the fear of nature.

As humans, we have always been subject to the voracity of the natural world. The ability to adapt and learn, to survive what the natural environment demanded of all living beings, for the right to live and be part of the life process, is nature itself.

We noticed we had developed the ability to influence our surroundings to our benefit. We developed awareness of our self psychology, or inner world. Aware of being aware of yourself and aware that others were self aware too. A unique ability only identified in human beings so far.

Nature is mysterious, nurturing, destructive, and completely arbitrary. For the unweary and inexperienced nature is a deadly encounter.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, violent weather, tidal waves, asteroid impacts, carnivorous and deadly animals, accidents, all have catastrophic effects on those unlucky to find themselves in the vicinity of their expression.

Our conscious awareness of a self, made us unique in being aware of our finite lives. Animals are not. They live and die as part of nature, how nature perpetually renews and evolves. More species have gone extinct than we can ever know of.

Our moment in the greater scheme of existence has been incredibly brief, and we have barely escaped from the harrowing conditions of pre-science disease and ignorance.

We single-mindedly embarked on a quest to conquer nature and, as much as possible, create a barrier between us and the unpredictable, unmanageable, catastrophic events that result from the natural world continuing to self-regulate, the very environment that enable our existence.

Fear wants control. Controlling the environment and the beings within it, ourselves included, creates a false sense of control. We are on a collision course with reality.

It’s a question of when the first domino falls. Our interlinked global supply-chain is very fragile and dependent on absolute stability.

A little-bit of covid, a little-bit of corporate and individual greed for a global financial crises, a sprinkling of war and inept politicians, natural and manmade environmental calamity and were back to square one.

We’ve seen it happen. Several times in recent living memory. That is crises. Human caused crises affecting our financial and supply chain systems. Nature caused crises are a bit more devastating, i.e.

Peter Brennen writes about 5 previous mass extinctions in his book; The Ends of the World: Volcanic Apocalypses, Lethal Oceans, and Our Quest to Understand Earth’s Past Mass Extinctions:

  • 450 MYA (Million Years Ago) End of the Ordovician: 86% of species lost
  • 425 MYA End of the Devonian: 75% of species lost
  • 250 MYA End of the Permian: 96% of species lost
  • 200 MYA End of the Triassic: 80% of species lost
  • 60 MYA End of Cretaceous: 76% species lost

So, do we really need to hasten the process? When will our own actions be catastrophic, irreversible? Enough to devastate millions, perhaps billions of lives?

It can happen at the press of a button.

Live to Learn, Learning To Live

Era by era, civilization by civilisation, all over earth, humans have lived and learned by trial and error and progressed to the time we now find ourselves in.

Through the miracle of the natural world and what it comprises, we have manipulated the atoms of our reality and created the society and environment around us.

We created a world within a world.

A protected reality built from the raw material of nature. Manipulating our immediate environment to exclusively protect and nurture human life, at a significant cost to nature and other animal life. In doing so, we also disturb the natural order of things.

Our manufactured reality requires constant maintenance and upgrading to keep entropy at bay.

Unlike nature that restores and renews itself, the world we manufacture has to be kept by us daily, or it immediately decomposes back into its constituent parts. This requires enormous amounts of energy and resources deployed and manipulated to shore up our built environment.

We can no longer do without the complexity of modern civilization.

Our multi-billion person population depends absolutely on the human made and digitally managed mega infrastructure and globally interconnected supply-chains. We can not do without it, our existence depends on it totally.

However, we can better oversee it. And we must. Or we will soon run out of planet to exploit.

You think it will be easier on Mars? We can’t even manage Earth!


And so here we are, participating in the 6th mass extinction. It must be, because 6 comes after 5. Yet when will it actually happen and if nature has its way, as ultimately it does, the end result will be out of our hands. In the mean time, we have time, to do what we must to evolve as a society.

We survived our origin. In doing so, we have created a vast complex construct that requires constant input and upkeep, a perpetual race to shore up the edifice that enables our most comfortable existence.

A purposeful human paradise.Yet it comes at a substantial cost to the natural world.

The iterative and inefficient processes we utilise to extract and manufacture, the sources of energy and their discharge, the toxic effluent that settles back into the naural world is compounding the disturbance in the homeostatic processes that enables the upkeep of the primal and self-creating self-correcting ecology that supports the myriad infinitely complex processes that life comprises.

We had nothing to do with our creation.

We have everything to do with our destruction.

The Sum, The Parts

Collectively, we comprise individuals. How the individual relates to the collective is how we collaborate and complete for our place in the world.

Through civilisations, cultures, countries, nations, races, religions, politics, war, we divide and conquer the planet to secure our spot in existence.

Historically, this was our only option. It is self evident from our past. It happened, and lead us to now.

We are at an inflection point, a collective decision making is taking place as to what and how we are to deal with the precarious situation we find ourselves in.

We will have more of the same, and continue to create disharmony and division for the mere fact of survival and comfort, more so for those privileged to be deciding and benefiting from behind the protection of their citizenship, wealth and power.

Several recent economic, political and natural calamities have made clear the extent of control and inflexibility of the edifice managing the construct, has over the individual.

This is to be expected. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Once it unravels, the chaos that ensues creates cascading destruction affecting all of it. Locking it down and controlling every aspect is the only way to keep everything unraveling into destruction.

A very tenuous and disturbing circumstance.

Heal Thy Self

Working backwards. The fact that the collective consists of individuals is self evident, yet not fully understood.

Individually, we suffer the consequences of the decisions made to keep the collective edifice of civilization, the construct, in place.

When we become fully self-aware that each individual props up each other individual in the hierarchy of status, power and decision making, we finally understand, viscerally, that if each individual is psychologically healthy and subscribes to a base morality of do no harm unto others that you would not have done unto yourself, then our aim should no longer be on how to change the world out there, but how to change the inner decision maker and become the Self Realised Individuals that collectively collaborate to bring about the better world we know is possible.

To heal your self, first you have to become aware that you are a self.

Coming face to face with yourself, facing your darkness, the exposure and dissolution of your ego is a scary and confronting event. When critically reviewing your life and its outcomes, there is a point where we can no longer hide from ourselves.

Our shadow side or unconscious behaviours make themselves known, revealing to ourselves deep anguish, black despair and ego crushing disappointment in cowardly conduct and avoidant behaviour.

We are shocked at what we find, the scales fall from our eyes. This is not a pleasant place. There is great danger here.

This is the ultimate rock bottom, the point where the ego loses control over the narrative of your lived experience. An existential threat.

When you are alone before yourself, there is nowhere to run. In your blackest darkness, with what remains, you make sense of where you find yourself.

In the end, you are alone there. What you then decide to make of this experience will determine your life going forward. It is an immense opportunity for recreation and revitalisation of your existence. Or it can crush your self image and worldview to the point of self destruction.

It can happen suddenly, or a gradual process of unravelling takes place. Every path is different. Each has their own journey to travel. Some may never arrive, some may exit before or during the dissolution.

You can’t know till you get there and you can’t get there till you do.

Only in the darkness can you find your light.

This is the process of ‘heal-thyself’. It can only start with ‘know-thyself’. It is your only birthright. That is your task on earth.

To become your true self. Not the ego, formed by your life experience, not the neurosis that drives your survival behaviour. Your essence is more than that. This wake up call is you finally being ready to be yourself.

Make no mistake. Your past will haunt you. Your mistakes will crush you. But. You are going to face your past and dissect your life, till you find your essence. You will know why your path made you who you became.

Only then can you start new. If you think it will be easier now, you are mistaken. It will be harder. It will be real. You have a task. At least you will be whole. Before you built on sand, now you build on rock.

That you are alive means you can do it. For humans to survive means you have to do it. Yes, it’s that big.

Life is Everything

You might ask, why bother with healing yourself? That you ask means you don’t know. An oxymoron. When you know you will not ask. Fundamentally, you are a unit of life. Existentially, you are all life.

When all else is said and done, no matter what. If there is no life, there is nothing. Period. A thought experiment will confirm this to you. That we are alive is a miracle, that there is life is a miracle.

The only thing that keeps life going is nature. Without nature there is no life. Without life, there is no eco system, no plants, no animals, humans, or races, or countries, or religions, or money, or status, or power. Nothing. So better we wake up and understand, we are destroying life, the very foundation of existence.

All our achievements, all of our so called civilised existence, are directly enabled by life. In the scheme of galactic time we have barely been here and yet we have had an outsized deleterious effect on the natural world. We casually cut away at the very fabric of that which enables us to be alive at all.

Nature is intelligently self-renewing and independently responsible for the incredible complexity of living beings and the component elements that comprise the building blocks of life. We humans had zero percent to do with that from the outset.

The time has come to deeply understand that, life is everything. By destroying nature, we are fraying the weave that holds together all of life.

The Self Realised

Can you face the truth?

We live in a world that Ego built. This is no accident.

The first thing that comes online for a human, is the ego self. The emissary of the true self, sent ahead to prepare the way. It has only one mission. Ensure survival.

This is a blessing and a curse. If the ego is overwhelmed and disturbed from the get go by experiences of trauma and abuse, however incidental or unintentional, it will accommodate these experiences and protect the life of its charge at all costs.

In this process you are blocked from your true self, the ego is bound by direct reality and forms the neurosis and reactive patterns that allows it to cope, to survive. You may survive each moment, but the imbalance created in your psychology will drag on your life, till the day you smash into rock bottom.

We all pay for the sins of our families, our countries and our cultures. There is a price for everything. Where does it end? Can you end it? Can you stop the cancer from spreading? It is your privilege and your right. And you can do it. But. Can you face the truth?

The importance of a loving, nurturing, healthy and whole physical and psychological start in life is a fundamental requirement for the creation of a healthy engaged and curious exploration of the lived environment, translating into a robust collaborative collective.

If you did not get that, what are you to do? Who is going to save you, heal you? Are you going to be angry and destructive, out of hatred and spite? If you stay stuck in your broken ego, your anger and hate will destroy you.

That is why you have to look at yourself, into yourself. Fundamentally. The fact that you have this intense emotion suppressed by a broken ego means you need to face it and process it so you can let it go. Give it away. Don’t hang on to that. It is not yours. Let it go. Don’t carry that burning coal, don’t hang on to the pain.

There is a deep unawareness as to this concept in the greater society. The bureaucracy that upholds and regulates on behalf of the construct, the abstraction that is protecting the status quo and the perpetuation of the acceptable social order, functions by means of ego capture, it functions through this ignorance.

This has been necessary to create a stable platform from which to create the world we now live in and depend upon for the luxurious protected lifestyles that is the ambition promoted to all of us to pursue.

The idea that we are all fighting for survival and playing status games to gain a hold on an idealised rung in society and a protected, comfortable life is how the ego is captured from the start of our life. This is a dangerous game that creates unhealthy competition and the destruction of the natural world in order to ensure its continuity.

The only way to change this world is to change yourself. Each individual contributes to a greater or lesser degree to the perpetuation of the construct.

Each Self Realised individual regains sovereignty over their ego and access the True Self. The part of us that is connected to the Divine within.

Path to A Whole Society

An ego based society functions via competition. For resources, for status, for control and power. The ego can justify any action for survival. To justify is to live compromised. Morally in a questionable place.

Your ego can justify war, can justify destruction of the natural world, can place itself above nature and sooth itself with mindless entertainment. Avoiding responsibility. Justify profit at any cost.

Coercion and domination need power and control. A tight hierarchic structure with top-down management. The finite game, ruled by fear.

We need to be careful, not to judge the past. We need to be careful, not to avoid looking at what we wrought. We need to be self aware enough to understand that we have made mistakes, that we are fallible human beings.

That means. What we collectively did, and are still doing, resulted from our best guesses. What we thought and did stemmed from our ‘best’ knowledge at the time.

The societies we formed, the actions they took in the world, motivated by domination and perpetuation of the ‘leading’ social order. These are all manifest in the outcomes we face today.

The evolution of humans are at an inflection point. This sounds overly dramatic and presumptuous. Perhaps it is. However.

An anecdote mis-attributed to Albert Einstein stated that “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. To take it even further, as Marshall Goldsmith said: “What got you here, will not get you there.”

It is not the kind of world we live in. It is the kind of people that create it. It is the kind of people we are being. This is so elementary, it is invisible to us. So the question becomes not, ‘how do we change the world?’, it becomes, ‘who do we need to be, to live in a different world?’

This ‘we’, is us, you and me. Each individual. Makes the whole.

In the Bible, on the cross, Jesus said forgive them Father, for ‘they know not what they are doing’. How do we instead become ‘they who do know?’ What would that look like? Is it perhaps that we need to become, as Jesus also said, the ‘meek that will inherit the earth’?

Who are the meek vs the weak? This question will inform much of what we will explore in the coming future.

That is the path, from those that do not know, to those that do. From the weak, individually living from fear, driven to dominance and survival, to the meek, living collectively in wisdom as self realised individuals reaching for the ultimate expression of human existence.

To be sure, the meek are resilient humans. Forged by the fires of existence, building on the wisdom of the past, yet not living in the past. Through individual and collective self-examination, Know Thyself, reflectively acting in the world, enabling an infinite game for all humanity and life on earth.

A self realised society functions through collaboration. Nature is a collaboration. It is not a competition, or as they have led us to believe, survival of the fittest. This is a crucial difference.

Collaboration is inclusive, considerate, flexible and tolerant. The infinite game ruled by curiosity.

The Past, The Truth

Blaming the past for the present keeps us stuck in a never-ending cycle of finger pointing, never realising we are creating more of the same ‘past’. Changing the ‘past’ or historical narrative to suit the present morality is a fool’s game that denies the responsibility of past moral failure and creates a false reality.

Change one thing, hide another, and soon you will have no idea what actually happened.

Because of current political ideologies, it has become ‘acceptable’ to ‘cancel’ or culturally block; books, ideas, historical events and people that do not fit in with the current popular ideology or socially acceptable narrative.

This is unbelievably naïve and creates profoundly negative fallout for future generations. By denying these ideas their place in history, history becomes falsified. History is already a tenuous concept, and every effort has to be made to ensure history is kept accurate and as realistically objective as possible. Events and narratives need to be contextualised, captured, and examined. Only then can we extract constructive wisdom and set aside destructive ideologies.

Not a letter, not a punctuation mark, is to be changed in any historical data, book or narrative. No contextual changes, nothing. Are we so insecure and fragile that we can not stand in our own truth? How will the future generations judge us for destroying past records? How will we learn, if not from our mistakes?

The past needs to be locked in, exactly, accurately, for all to see. Knowing exactly who we were and what we did to end up with the resultant present. Being unable to deal with the past and learn its lessons, however unbearable, leads to a future built on lies.

Beware the burning of the books, and the destroying of art, and the denial of history. The mark of a mature society is the ability to face the past, however dark and destructive. No denial. Humbly learning, not repeating atrocities, not mindlessly creating war and more destruction. Just as the human needs to soul search and ask forgiveness, so do the societies, cultures and countries that we create to represent us.

To deserve the future we desire, we must squarely confront past wrongdoings to prevent repeating them. This is a deeply painful process, a cleansing by fire, to which the whole of society must subscribe if we are to be best prepared to deal with the challenges facing humanity in our time.

Being The One

The future is up to you. And by you I mean YOU. Your individual self and the daily actions you take creates the future for all of us.

Every person is The One. We are a collective made up of individuals. The Pope is an individual, the Queen, the politician, the man, the woman, the child. Your husband, his wife, the private, the general.

All, The One. Decision makers, action takers.

The question is not can you change the world, the question is, Can You Change Your Self?

We will explore this path as our reason for existence. That is all we are here to do. It is how we will evolve as human beings into our next level of potential. This is self evident.

All that came before, the great societies, the historical thinkers, epochs of human flourishing, all the natural and self made disasters we collectively overcame or survived, led us to the here and now. The methodologies of the past created mirrored futures. We are in it and we projected it.

We do not want to keep on creating the past. We do not want to overthrow. We do not want to instigate revolution. We do not want to create an opposition. That is the old way. We know it does not work.

It only works for those who thrive on us being divided. The trouble is, they are also us. The line between them and us is very thin. It is a very slippery slope sliding to the other side, pointing fingers, judging.

There is a way out. It is the path to with-in. From weak to meek, from head to heart, from them to us.

A new way of BEING is called for.

Believe In You

The structure needs to support you, not become a crutch. Setting security above all, leads to a stagnating life focussing on fitting in and emulating the status quo. There will always another ‘Joneses’ to kick your ass. Spending your life on the endless treadmill of chasing status and materialistic goods ensures a life full of junk, and a heart full of emptiness.

Learning to surf the wave is better than creating a dam. Actively approaching uncertainty, becoming wiser and stronger instead of fixating on vanity metrics and chasing the same empty materialism. There will never be enough money and stuff to satisfy your ego.

Nothing in the world needs to change. What is experienced is what is expressed by people acting in the world. Nature is not out to kill us. Nature is the self regulating miracle that facilitates all life, creating the ideal environment and circumstance for our existance.

Living adjacent to nature and letting it be is better than controlling it. Life has existed long before we came along. Life is a mystery, nature is a miracle. More curiosity, less fear.

When we change, what we experience in the world changes. We is us. You is I. Simple, but hard.

How do you become rock solid in your self? How do you move from being a reactionary to a collaborator? What needs to change in you to reveal your innate talents, to help you avoid the pitfalls set before us by the very society and corporations that capture our attention and live off our life force?

You need to deeply know who your are. How you came to be. What made you. From captured ego, to free self.

It starts with You.

Who Are You?

Why self realise? You are not who you think you are. There are aspects of you that are not ‘online’. To uncover or discover these parts requires time and introspection and some knowledge of what these parts are.

You are not an isolated entity. People, place, environment, events, all contribute to forming you, consciously and unconsciously, from before you were born. You enter into a dynamic agreement with all that influences you. Becoming the You that acts in the world.

In gross terms, at the start of life you are a body and a psyche. From the psyche the identity starts to emerge, the sense of ‘me’ as opposed to everything else, the sense of ‘my’ as in my things, then finally the sense of ‘I’ differentiates. An amazing aspect of your psyche weaves all of these parts of your identity into a way of dealing with the reality you find yourself in, your ego.

The ego is part of you, it is not all of you. Initially, that is all you are aware of, that sense of me-my-I and interacting with what presents in your environment. In this, your ego is a ruthless survival mechanism. It will use every method available to it via eons of subconscious templates available to it in the unconscious, in order to ensure your continued existence.

If you are in a loving, supportive, nurturing, and safe environment, your personality will emerge as curious and exploratory and depending on your physiology and latent subconscious drives, you will naturally engage with your carers and your environment to satisfy your curiosity and needs.

If you are in an unsafe, irregular, uncertain and abandoning environment, your ego will act accordingly to ensure survival, suppressing memories, withdrawing emotionally, develop coping mechanisms, disassociating. The default pattern your identity will present will keep building on what it perceives, internalising those elements presented to it by others, consciously or unconsciously.

It will get you to do and be however you are needed to be and do, in order to survive. This is a confronting realisation, once you understand it, once you sit with your-self and examine all of you, your life, your behaviour, your outcomes.

When the ego is finally de-coupled from the driver seat, for the first time in your life. It suddenly has perspectives on aspects of itself that were previously invisible to it. Unbelievable realisations arise. Did I do that? Was that really me? Not only did I lie, but my life was built on a lie, I was in the lie and the lie was me. Why?

Objectifying your life in a self regressive exploration from present to birth and the period immediately before. Marking each event and action, motivation and response, the self looking at the ego acting it its reality, we are overawed by the process unfolding before our minds eye.

We realise that the lives of our parents, our grandparents, our family, friends, neighbours, village or town, region, country, and place in the world and every direct and indirect influence through culture, language, race, religion, school, political, social and all the direct and indirect psychological manipulation, whether conscious or unconscious, benevolent or malevolent, all of that massive aspect of reality comes to bear on your little ego, the moment you are born.

You are already swimming in a river of overwhelming informational data that, for a very long time in your life, will be totally invisible to you. Your brain is washed in the water of your environment and culture and that will be your default settings forever. Whatever you manage to become aware of later in life, or whatever you manage to change without or within, that will be your starting point.

As much as they are lying, as much are we lying. The pretending to believe them is the lie to ourselves. The lie to ourselves is the ultimate betrayal. There, you will soon be caught in the ramifications of bending yourself into a pretzel to fit this distorted reality, and eventually, reality will snap back into place.

The free lunch turns into ashes in your mouth. Your stomach is empty but for the bile of regret and terror that shakes your fragility into shattering destruction. The gravy train of smoke and mirrors plunge into the ravine, crossing the bride of illusions you had spun to assuage your ego that deception and distortion will save you from your pitiful existence.

The hole you are born in will be deep and black. That is the standard for every human being. The holes are just a little different for each of us. You may be born in a hole that is also a hell, with a toothpick with which to dig yourself out, or you may have a shallow hole and a golden spade to boot.

Life ain’t fair. And don’t imagine the spade is better than the toothpick, the one can dig you much faster to hell than you can imagine. Coming to terms with this in your own life and experience is the paramount event. Or, you will keep digging forever, you might even upgrade to a fancy diesel powered digging machine. You will never stop digging and at the end of all the digging only to realise you have dug from one side of hell to the other, and got nowhere.

We have a yearning in us, that is life calling to us, to be and become. If this yearning is misled and abused from the get-go, no wonder we wander in the darkness, lost to ourselves. The yearning is the will of nature. You will either make peace with that and bring yourself into alignment with your true self, or nature will destroy you and you will take what is around you with you.

This is a massive simplification of reality. The point is, that is who you are, to begin with. This is why you can not sit with yourself in a room with only your thoughts for company. It is the hardest task of your life. I guarantee it. Owning your life, disasters and all. What you made. The bad and the ugly.

You will experience shame and self-loathing. The tears will flow. Your heart will break. There might be self hatred, periods of black depression. You need this like you need water in the desert. This is the purification by fire. Only you can do it for yourself.

Isolation, simplification, reflection, suspension of judgement, minimising or totally removing dependencies, people, addictions, coping mechanisms. You need to deeply understand that this process is your actual birthright. What came before was the unconscious you. Coping, compromising, conforming. Captured.

This process can take months and years. It is deeply personal. It can’t be rushed and there is no pill for it. This is self therapy, the beginning or self realisation. Accessing the suppressed rage, the anger denied, the emotional avoidance, the mask made of clay falls to the floor and shatters, revealing the you that could be.

Then comes light. Eventually. Thank God.

You are not who you thought you were.

Know Thyself

It is not what you have. It is who you are.

If you are only what you have, you are nothing. You are emptiness, lost, insecure, afraid that if you don’t keep on dominating, you will lose it all. You have already lost it, as you can not have it, it does not come with you into the grave.

In the end, you are with yourself, then it is not what you had that matters, but who you revealed yourself to be. As we know from the Bible, it is harder for the materialist to get to paradise than it is for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle.

That is how the Buddha came to Self Realisation, from rejecting the path of Prince and King, the palace and slaves. Fasting and suffering, introspection under the Bodhi tree, He became free.

The ego is not the self. The ego is an emissary of the self, emerging at the start of life to ensure survival at all costs. The self is inaccessible to the ego as a rule. The distance from the ego to the self is directly proportional to the time it takes from birth to self realisation.

The disaster that can happen is the ‘bait-and-switch’ of enlightenment via proxy. The numinous or divine or the dissolution of the ego, the moment of enlightenment can be externalised and highjacked by a dogma or placebo.

Bypassing from the ego dissolution directly into the dogma as a solution negates the entire process and even for a while a false realisation will energise the ego into action. Without constant direction and cajoling, sooner or later, the doubt sets in again.

This is the quintessential process for controlling human beings. History is not wrong.

There is nothing wrong with having a culture, a religion, a country, a nation, and other ideas around which we build the infrastructure, internal and external, to cope with existence. What needs to be different is who we are as humans within those systems.

A self realised human is meek, and knows within its soul, ‘treat others as you would yourself like to be treated’, and that to gain the world and to lose the soul is not an option. The self realised human participates in the world with love and cooperation as the default. The base morality expected of the world allows for open participation in any and all structures and ensures that the best of outcomes will eventuate for all participants. Because, the eyes are open. The other is seen and heard.

Where the ego is traumatised at the start of life, it gets lost in coping mechanisms and melds with the me-my-I to form the primary identity.What is happening in the world, is a direct result of what is happening inside us. Each individual thought, decision, action, contributes to the whole of the reality we collectively experience.

As humanity, we collectively created the construct, civilisation and all its aspects, a protective structure that demands subservience for security, destruction for perpetuation. It is the perfect prison, always promising paradise, through moral compromise.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this, it’s the best we could do up to now. We can no longer kick the can down the road. There is no one coming to save us. Don’t give your power away. Take it back, become who you need to be.

The process of self awareness usually starts with a crisis or a breakdown. When you finally reach a point of collapse, when the structure that you built around you to survive in implodes and takes you down to the depths of your psyche, you meet your true self. This is a dark and terrible place for most of us. A place of pure vulnerability, laying bare our soul to be seen.

This is the most important event in your life. When your life ends, your life begins.

Aspects of who you were will die. There is much pain here. There is also courage and bravery to be had. Your soul self or true self, the part you have not yet had access to was instrumental in bringing you to this place.

The message is. You are not your circumstance. You are not your past. You are not your psychosis. The mask you wore is the ego survival mechanism. In truth, it allows you to face the reality of your birth, ensure your survival and navigate the environments you find yourself in.

The point is not that the ego is evil or weak or inadequate. In truth it is an essential part of who you are. Only it is not the main event. The problem is we make it the main event. It can not bear this responsibility. It breaks under the pressure, the lie of society, the actions taken to compromise and conform finally overcomes the limited resources of the ego.

Thus, as each individual self-heals and integrates their ego, collectively we move to harmonious co-living and co-creation with each other and the natural world that supports and enables our very existence. This is our only goal. Global Harmony through Self Realisation.

Enter The Self

The self is not the ego. The ego is: me, my and I. Beyond that lies the self, the deepest part of you represented here in this reality. The self is the emissary of the soul, as the ego is the emissary of the self. The soul is the spark of God, the aminating principal of your being.

Living in the ego is focussing on calories, living in the self is focussing on nutrition.

The self is not self evident. It has to be met. It has to be known. Only once we let go of the certainty of the ego, can we meet the uncertainty of the self. Meaning, the ego has to know and be convinced of what is real and be in control of the physical seen world to feel safe and secure. The self is connected to the metaphysical, it acknowledges the mystery of existence, it allows for the unknown and is comfortable in this state of flux where uncertainty leads to curious exploration.

The ego hangs on to the life raft, while the self surfs at the crest of the wave. The self sees the bigger reality that awaits, the infinite game that leads ever onward into the perpetually unknown. The ego is averse to this, believing it is finite, it wants to control the here and now to ensure is temporal survival at all costs, playing the finite game.

The self needs the ego as the ego needs the self. The self knows God, the ego needs constant convincing.

We always come to this. Reality and mystery. What is known and what is obscure. When we make reality as God, we destroy reality, because we are limited beings. When God is the mystery, we reverently approach reality and co-create the discovery with the infinite, the unlimited God.

Fear keeps us in cycles of destruction, the illusion of control and subscribing to the delusion of duality. The doctrine of fear is absolutism. Fear becomes fixed.

Trust keeps us in faith with the mystery of being and creation. Knowing we are not ultimately in control, but are taking part in the mystery of creation. Trust needs no doctrine. Trust becomes flow.

You do not lose your self in flow, in flow you lose your ego. With the controlling ego out of the way, the innate knowing mastery of the self can access your unconscious competence and create from source.

Your deep self is where you need to live from. Our society is not geared to facilitate this. This is a major oversite, because the society of the self realised is potentially limitless. Whereas the ego will always become inadequate once it meets the hard reality of the limits it sets on being itself. It cannot control reality, because reality is not fixed. Physics might rule physical reality, but metaphysics is the all. Human perception is but one aspect of reality, in the Creation of God reside infinite realities.

The self is the interface we need for that state of being. The ego interfaces well with base reality, but desperately needs the self in order to hand over the uncertainty aspect of existence it directly experiences. The ego gets to a point where control breaks down, and then it is truly lost, for we have not made available to it, wholeness with the self.

The Third Sate of Being

We lived and survived in nature. We were full of fear and ignorance. We were just animals, only a moment ago. Slowly we became knowledgeable about our environment, how to manipulate material reality for safety and control. We moved out of direct dependence on nature. We are still afraid. Of the other, the one that is not us. The stranger.

We create the construct to protect us, the artificial walls of; civilisation, culture, country, nation, race, religion, borders, armies, war. An edifice built on nature, requiring constant upkeep, hierarchical, divided we keep on falling. United in our pretended sameness silos, pitting the ‘good’ against the ‘bad’. The them against the us.

And here we are.

We can go no further. We have conquered nature. We have controlled our environment. We know the system is broken, but it’s all we’ve got. You can’t optimise to paradise. The construct is masterful at ego capturing. Blinding you with science and consumerist bling, more useless stuff to fill the hole in your heart. Emptiness. Meaningless.

The people make it. We know that now. We make it so.

The third way is subscribing to our humanity in humility. Acknowledging our collective and individual vulnerability. We survived nature. We created the construct. There is always still danger. But we need not give in to fear.

Nature wills as it must, to keep all life going. Nature is fragile but strong and self renewing. Nature is God made. We must not interfere, we must learn to better live and exist adjacent to nature. Not interfering, not polluting, not destructively exploiting. Nature is life, life is all. No nature, no life, no us.

The construct is artificial and built on the bones of nature. The construct is tough but brittle and weak with entropy. The construct is man made. Switch off the power and see how you go. One month of no electricity on earth, and you will see how the nature vs technology game goes.

We are on a dangerous path, willingly and desperately ascribing autonomy to agents within this artificial construct.

It took millions of years of evolution to get us to the current form factor we experience now. We understand the need to secure and ‘backup’ our ability to ensure maximal options are created for our continued existence. But. We can not hand over the responsibility of looking after ourselves to AI and robots, that did not evolve with our dependence on the natural world.

Behind the armour needs to be a robust self realised human, in tune with nature and in control of technology. Not a weak cowering insecure egotist wanting to live forever because they can’t imagine a world without their specialness always within it, afraid to die, yet not truly alive in the first place.

Technology is the ultimate representation of our ability to manipulate reality to protect us and create artificial security around us. Nothing wrong with this. However. Just like the best way forward with nature is to live adjacent to nature with minimal interference, so we also need to live adjacent to technology.

Handing over our power and responsibility to technology powered creations disconnected from our biology is of course possible. There is a sub-section of humanity eager to rapidly force this to happen, but what’s the rush? Some people are so out of touch with their humanity, they can’t bear existing within their own biology.

We have only started to optimise our biology and they already want to get rid of it. The process through which consciousness interacts with reality is absolutely in harmony with the makeup of the universe at large. That we exist is evidence of the fact. What we represent is the fine line between sensation and feedback. Experiencing and knowing.

That process is embedded in the quantum processes that emit within the quantum fields of the energy-matrix, we sense our way into exchange with existence. We are an extension, a concentration of directed sensory inquiry into the nature of reality. Made by nature, for nature.

The ideally pliable form-factor, self correcting, randomly adjusting, self perpetuating, meeting material reality exploratorily in ever more complex ways. Technology is a tool at every level of complexity accompanying us, enhancing our capabilities to experience and meet more and more the complexities of exisitence.

Do not mistake the tool for the accomplishment. It is not constituent, it is implement. It does not emerge, it is made. When the making stops it fails. Becomes inert, reverts. The wielder, the maker, the emergent may stumble and fall, but will again gather and continue. That is the game.

Build on the strength of your strongest foundation, that which self evident, but not obvious. All of nature exists to make you happen. Just like that. For free. No batteries required. Just happens. Technology does not fall from a tree. Take case of the humble pencil:

Now you imagine to what extreme we have no idea as to the complexity and functioning of the quantum level magic taking place within the trillions of silicone chips that keep the construct ticking over every second of the day.

I have nothing against technology, or aspects of what it makes possible for us.

Just like with nature, we need to be adjacent to technology, not lost within it. I am a lifelong reader and fan of Sci-Fi and have immersed myself in many of the fantastical tales of exotic environments and beings we might encounter out among the stars. The Foundation, the Dune Saga, The Parable of Octavia Butler, The Wheel of Time, innumerable fabulous imaginings, all eventually possible, perhaps inevitable.

The common denominator, life, nature and human biology.

Unfortunately, the reality that machines interact with is not the reality humans interact with. The process of enabling this proxy has to be biologically led and human centric, so it will continue to take into consideration biology, life and nature. The perceived limitations of this approach will even out over time and should catastrophe occur, we need to always ensure the first principal of nature and life is secure and ready to receive us.

The privileged position enabled automatically by the universe, our natural existence and assured continuation, the ensured fall-back position. Nature, Life, and a Living Environment.

If not, one dark day you wake up and you can’t see the forest for the trees. You are lost in the matrix. The construct has overtaken reality to the point of making it invisible. You are a bug captured in amber, fossilised, ossified. You struggle against the bonds you tied yourself with, drowning in your folly, stuck in your fear of facing the pain that comes with the growth of being a self realsied human being.

Can You Hear Me Neo?

Being is allowing. Allowing the other to be. Realising the opposite as a natural state. Knowingly aligning opposites as harmonious instead of threatening to the self. Narrowing reactions or responses to encountering otherness to mutuality for ongoing cooperation as opposed to competitive capturing.

The most fundamental commonality is life itself. At the core of existence is existence itself. Two beings existing would individually be motivated to continue existing for its own sake. I would like to continue. You would like to continue. All else that occurs is the dance of life or living.

Until we can existentially understand that mutual co-operative coexistence is the optimal state of being that leads to maximal life experience and participation, we will not progress beyond our current level of civilisation.

Self, Other and Us are Equal States of Being, i.e., me, you, us, all. Knowing that we can kill or annihilate each other is a fact. We have demonstrated this adequately. That is why we have so much past, so little present, and no real future, except more insecurity and fear for what will be.

No matter the ’solutions’ we come up with, they always disproportionately benefit some above others. In the short term. There is no system we can come up with, or utopia we can create, where everyone is equally equal all the time.

Asymmetry is THE characteristic of existence. Read that again. Energy flows from higher to lower resistance. Negatively and positively orientated fields presenting as particles form the fabric of reality, the incumbent stimulant inherent in flow at the pre-quantum energy-berm soup from which ALL reality emerges.

That is the difference between ego and self. That is the equality that exists only in diversity. That is the price for the knowledge of good and evil. That is the responsibility of facing the pain of existence vs hiding in fear of uncertainty. That is trusting in God vs shouting about dogma. The ‘thought’ or ‘knowing’ needed, before action and reaction.

Brilliant minds and thinkers, philosophers, outstanding leaders, religious figures of all nations, time periods, and races have been examining these ideas since time immemorial. Why do we imagine we can come up with better solutions, using the same paradigms they did, where they could not?

The only one solution that will work, no matter what, is the acknowledgment and acceptance of the right to life. If we do not agree to this, we will never progress beyond where we are now psychologically as humans, no matter our technology, no matter our religion, no matter our bureaucracy.

With this as the fundamental moral state, all else will harmonise. We will never eliminate the uncertainty that comes with existence itself. That is not the point. Uncertainty is what makes life exciting and meaningful. The universe and nature conspired to create us humans, self referential beings, able to utilise our environment to propel us into altered states of existence.

This is the only thing we have never tried. It is the only thing that will work indefinitely to the benefit of all life, living creatures, the natural world that supports all life, the ability to travel into space and explore all of creation. A realisation two millennia in the making.

If you know and I know that we will automatically and instinctually look out for each other, no matter our proposed superficial dissimilarities, meaning that we feel supported and secure simply and specifically because we are living beings, we will both live to enhance each others right to life as a matter of principal.

This sounds like magical thinking, unrealistic, irrational psycho-philosophical circular reasoning. And in a way it is.

But. No matter what. We are not the same. We will never be. Never ever. Biology and life is too diverse, nature requires too many components and interrelated processes to exist for life to continue and evolve, that we will never ever homogenise to the point we can ‘accept’ each other purely based on similarities of appearance, culture or belief. To expect that is delusional.

We have males; we have females, and we have everything in-between. Men who like men, women who like women, people who will change in-between and change back again. Different races, religions, cultures and creeds. We have been mixing it up since the Pleistocene.

And here we still are. Humans.

Do you think this will ever change? Do you not see that the mix and unexpectedness of what results from life perpetuating itself is exactly what led us to be here now anyway? Diversity is life itself. Diversity is maximally robust.

Celebrate the diversity within the whole.

Life: You Are, Because I Am

I accept your right to life. You accept my right to life. We work out the differences. Life is sacred. No life may be taken. Nature and time will take life anyway. This is normal, natural and to be celebrated. Let no life be cut short, other than in the course nature takes.

That is our constraint.

We are not children anymore. We can not blame ‘human nature’ or nature. We wilfully kill and justify our killing. And more killing results. Stop the killing, start the living. No one person, group, country, government, religion, has the right to condemn, or kill any human for any reason whatsoever.

No one human can or is allowed to kill any other human for any reason whatsoever.

You are allowed to debate, argue, posture and jump up and down. Until you have resolved your issue. The option of violence is off the table, taboo. Violence is regressive and opposes the right to life. This is a knowing, a conscious decision. That is responsibility, that is balls. It is not weak, it is the way of the meek.

The greatness of your heart wins out over your reactive ego insecurity. This is a new way of being, this is the ultimate test of maturity. It has never been done, or attempted at scale. The new level of consciousness from which to create the new system that makes the old obsolete. No revolution, no drama, just life and living it.

You must cooperate, you must collaborate, you must put life first.

If you can not exist, or justify your existence, without the need to kill another to make yourself right, then you are not fully human. The test for your humanity is that despite the fact that you can kill, you do not.

The highest aspiration for humanity. It’s not about being all Able and no Cain, but both and the same. Integrated, secure in your being. The ultimate strength of character and harmonised psychology.

From that position all talents are nurtured and potential realised, the foundation of coexistence, meaning and purpose. So shall we enter our solar and galactic exploration, from a point of harmonious human coexistence and cooperation, taking life and living with us into the stars.

Let us be so. We have much to do.

The Most Difficult Road

Trust is everything. Not faith, not belief. Trust. Trust in yourself, trust in your fellow human.

Once you know yourself, you have access to a different kind of trust. Not the trust your ego has access to. That is more dis-trust, or conditional trust. Conditional on systems, laws, governence, punishment. The self is not selfless; it is less ego. As trust is in God, as is trust in the self. The meek.

This is our challenge and our path. We come to the self through the pain of the breakdown of the ego, we also come to self through community and care. Where self realised individuals gather in community, trust is naturally present. The community self regulates to foster environments of harmony where the ego does not become the controlling aspect. The ego is kept healthy and nurtured, and through care, cooperation and support structures, integrated with the self as a matter of right living, healthy society evolves.

In a trust-based community, we self regulate the tendencies of the ego that cause disharmony. It is the most delicate of balances that need true wisdom to function. Wisdom is another faculty that has fallen by the wayside of our scarcity based consumerist culture. Who needs it right? Wisdom can’t be learned. It is resultant from attentive living. It is earned by example and respect. It is hard to define, yet an obvious quality in those who have it.

Any society where wisdom is not cultivated and expected in leadership above all else is a brittle society. For then, leadership becomes justified, not earned. Leadership becomes expedient, a short-term affair, appeasing the bottom line, soothing the status quo, and soon ousted for the next ‘leader’, election cycle to election cycle, no accountability, no real responsibility.

Trust is earned, not given. Wisdom is gained, not learned. Politics is playing a game of whack-a-mole, the exact randomised replacement strategy of avoiding responsibility. It is, in fact, the best solution for the construct or edifice of civilised society we have created to function. Not based on trust, but on deniability.


Attempting to fight or fix the system from within the confines of the reality that created it is ineffective. By doing so, you invariably create and strengthen the opposition that perpetuates the same outcome. The individuals driving this outcome are rooted in an ego-based reality, captured by the construct, feeding on drama and self importance.

The ego is unable to transcend its repetitive cycles, its fixation on reactive oneupmanship leads to temporary victories while creating more antagonism within its opposition. More of the same, a race to the bottom, everyone loses.

The upgrade needed is becoming self realised. This is not woo woo or a fanciful spiritual bypassing escape. The self is fundamentally different from the ego, it has access to a higher state of being, a larger perspective of reality. It can bear the uncertainty of a trust-based society.

We know this. In reality, it is our natural state, our realisation of paradise, not reality as it presents, but actuality as it is possible.

You can see this question in our debates, in the discourses of our philosophers and theologists. There is no final knowing, no ultimate answer. How can there ever be? There is always more of reality than can ever be known.

We have to abandon absolutism. It is stagnation. It serves only inflated, insecure egos. Entropy creates the building blocks of life. It is not the end state, but the perpetual beginning state. There is no absolute beginning in infinity, there is only infinite continuation.

A drop in the ocean is the ocean in a drop, you are the whole and also a part within the whole. From the river to the sea, to the clouds to the mountain, the journey traverses every terrain, and finally you know yourself in every aspect of being. As above so below, as within so without. Whole.

Trust your self.

Let Us Begin

We agree we need to start. You start once you are aware, you can not start before. Until you know where you are not, you can not get to where you will be.

We agree we can not do this alone. In community, we find correspondence. Each other. The all for the many. Together, we are more than the sum of our parts.

We agree we don’t know everything, but we need no convincing. We know it is not in the knowledge of facts but the knowing gained from the doing.

We agree we are a bit crazy, but we are not at all mad. Crazy enough to try, to keep on madly failing towards more living.

Life is everything.

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